3 Ways to Use Social Media in PR

If you are wondering how social media can be combined with public relations to have a positive effect on your company, look no further. If your business is sending out press releases and waiting for the media to write about them, why not write your own story and share it on social media? Below are 3 ways to use social media to enhance and support your PR:

  1. Case Studies – A PR company will often use customer case studies to built the credibility of a company and highlight their successes. Using these case studies and the key facts, create social campaigns that are quick and easy to read or look at. Case studies can be turned in to videos, images or blog posts.
  2. Press Releases – If you have written a press release, find a way to share the same information via social sharing. Turn the information in to a more interesting infographic or video and share it on your social media. Lots of journalists these days get their stories and research from inspiring social media posts.
  3. Executive Posting – When CEOs and executives of a company are active on professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn and engage with customers and colleagues, this is an important part of building trust with stakeholders and clients. Updates in the company or industry can be shared on a regular basis and communication with customers and colleagues will show that the executives of a company actually care.

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