Features to Consider When Buying a Toilet

When looking for a new toilet, you should first consider the available space in the bathroom, and then think about style preferences, budget and features. When choosing a new toilet, you must consider the size and design, and then you can think about extra features. Quality brands such as Abacus Vessini have a range of toilets to suit everyone’s taste from the very basic to the luxurious. Here are some extra features to consider when buying a toilet for your bathroom:


Many modern toilets now have powerful flushing system that exceeds standards. There is a performance rating system on most toilets which helps to work out how powerful the flush is and how well it can remove waste and prevent clogging.


If there are light sleepers in the household, a quiet flushing system may be beneficial. Usually toilets with a gravity-fed system or automatic flush will be the quietest.

Automatic Seat Closing

Some toilets now feature a slow moving hinge on the seat and lid that automatically closes after every use.

Water Saving

Most toilets now have a dual-flush button to save on water, where the small button releases a small amount of water to wash away liquids and the bigger button releases more water to flush away solid waste.

Custom Seats

Seats can now come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. If you want a bigger or higher seat, this is very possible, and you can also buy seats with designs, colours, digital features and more.

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