Installing a Backup Camera on Your Vehicle

Most new cars come with a pre-installed backup camera and screen as part of the package. If however your vehicle does not feature this useful technology then it is simple and inexpensive to install your own. These small cameras can increase driving safety by a great deal as they provide a panoramic view of what is behind the vehicle, making parallel parking easier and reducing the chances of hitting an object.

Reversing cameras for trucks and cars can differ in many features but the installation is a similar process. DIY camera kits can vary in price due to size, screen resolution and extra features, however a mid-range product will usually be good quality at a fair price.

Fitting the Reverse Camera

Once you have bought your kit you should be ready to get started. Not many tools are needed for the installation, simply a small wrench or key to remove the license plate and perhaps a couple of small wiring tools depending on the type of kit. The camera kit should feature everything you need including the camera itself, a transmitter and a screen.

Begin by removing your rear license plate and mount the camera to the bracket. The wires coming from the camera should go up in to the boot of the car where the transmitter will be fitted. Then the screen will be placed in the front of the car, most likely as a rear view mirror with an integrated screen.

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