Preventing the Growth of Algae, Moss and Lichens on Your Roof

The growth of moss, algae and lichens on roofs in the UK is a very common problem that can be prevented and treated easily by professional roof cleaning High Wycombe firms. If left over time however, they can cause a lot of damage to the shingles and tiles, and will require repair or even roof replacement which is costly. Rather than removing the algae, moss and lichens every few years, it is better to prevent the growth from the beginning. This will save a lot of time and money in the future.

Many modern shingles and roof materials now contain fungicides, biocides and algaecides to prevent the growth of algae, moss and lichens on the roof surface. If your roof is fairly new, the chance of growth and damage is much less likely compared to older roofs. There are also chemically treated roof shingles available that can prevent the growth.

If your roof is older, you can hire roof cleaners to treat the surface with a fungicide biocide to prevent the growth of algae, moss and lichens. Extra help to prevent growth can include cutting down tree branches that provide shade, and removing fallen leaves and organic debris from the roof and gutters. Shade and organic waste can provide the perfect environment and nutrients for algae, moss and lichens to grow and thrive. This prevention should be maintained regularly to prevent damage to the roof in the future.

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