The Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most modern of printing processes and refers to the use of a digital file to print on to a surface. Many printing companies now offer professional digital printing including printers in West Sussex and around the country. As it is the most advanced method of printing, it does of course come with a variety of advantages including:

  • Cost – The cost of digital printing is relatively lower that other methods. There are usually low minimum orders so it is easier for smaller businesses to order what they need. The cost of printing large formats compared to offset printing is also much lower, making it more accessible for all kinds of businesses to make use of.
  • Quality – The advances in digital printing mean the quality of the print is also almost equal to offset printing, which is the top process for quality, plus it is cheaper. Digital printing provides accuracy and a high quality print.
  • Choice – Many digital printers will offer the choice of printing on a variety of surfaces including glass, card, canvas, wood, PVC and much more. There will also be a selection of finishes available as well as printing processes which offer different effects.
  • Speed – Unlike other printing methods that take time to set up, digital printing is quick whilst still being accurate.
  • Edits – Changing a design or editing it is easy with digital printing. Try a sample and if it is not satisfactory then the digital image can easily be changed.



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