Tips on How to Ask For a Raise

If you are feeling like you are long overdue a raise in your salary at work and have been patiently waiting but nothing is coming of it, it may be time to ask. Getting a raise is usually something that doesn’t happen naturally or without asking, in reality an employee that thinks they deserve one will usually have to go to their boss and ask for it. However, you don’t want to jeopardise your job with this sensitive situation, so the moment has to be planned out well so you come out on top.

Read on for some helpful tips on how to ask for a raise.

  • Choose the Correct Moment – You can’t ask for a raise on a regular basis, so it is vital that you choose the correct moment to ask. Many employees may be worthy of a raise but during a period of slow business, the company is not able to give anyone a raise. The payroll Kent and managers will be unable to justify any raises if the department or the whole company is not performing well. Bide your time and wait for a moment when sales are high or a big deal has just been made.
  • Be Prepared – Your boss will most likely ask you to justify your raise and why you think you deserve it. Be prepared with answers and evidence, as well as appropriate manners, to back it up and convince your boss that you are worthy of a raise.


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