What Services Does Convalescent Care Involve

There are a number of medical facilities available for patient care. One type of facility available is the convalescent care centre. Patients looking for this type of care will find a number of services within the centre that are suitable for their needs. Several of these services may include:

  • Physical therapy, which is a service that helps the management of injury related conditions to achieve the benefits of further prevention and longer term health, by restoring function, movement ability and pain reduction.
  • Occupational therapy is another service available for those patients that have a need to return to normal everyday life. This service helps to overcome the hurdles of injury or other types of disabilities, with the result that the patient can become more independent in looking after themselves.
  • Speech therapy, another service of the convalescent care centre, helps the patient that may have a communication disorder. This is a service that looks into correcting the problem a patient may have with their level of communication and works on rectifying that problem in the most suitable manner.

The convalescent care in Worthing centres also offers another service of emotional or psychological therapy. This therapy is useful for the patient that may have suffered emotional distress or trauma. It is a service designed to help the patient learn to manage this emotional need and readapt to their normal surroundings.

The convalescent care centre therapy comes under the supervision of a prescribing doctor who assesses the needs of the individual patient and the best treatment to offer.


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